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We love learning about other creative minds and businesses.
We are on a mission to share with our customers products that we find, that we love. 

Product Features

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 We have collaborated with Versachalk. A new & improved chalk marker. Learn about this featured product. 


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Our chalk markers are designed to look bright and bold on dozens of surfaces including glass, plastic, metal, ceramic and (of course) chalkboards! Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Starbucks use chalkboard markers to create stunning signs - now you can too!

At work, use our chalk markers to create eye-catching signs, colorful menu boards, and dazzling window displays. At home, use them to decorate wine glasses at a party, write a reminder on the mirror, keep track of your grocery list on the refrigerator, or get organized by using them to label storage containers.

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We here at ARTBOX have put these markers to the test and love how they work. So much so, that we custom created an art project. Get the November ARTBOX and explore chalk art, chalk board paint, chalk markers and much more.

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Featured Product

Effortless Art Crayons

Our August ARTBOX will feature a local product that we LOVE. Every ARTBOX we send out in AUGUST will receive a unique, specialized orange crayon created by Two Sparrows Learning Systems. This crayon is part of a box of crayons called Effortless Art Crayons.

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Why do we love Effortless Art Crayons?

First off they are created in our home town of Erie, PA. 

Effortless Art Crayons were designed and created by a husband and wife team with years of experience working with children, disabled individuals, and innovative design. They have created a patent pending crayon that makes coloring successful for all ages and abilities.

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How are Effortless Art Crayons different than regular crayons?

1. They are triangular in shape with dual ends.

2. No matter how the crayons are picked up they can be used successfully.

3. The crayons have patent pending grip that facilitates proper hand position.

Effortless Art Crayons are also part of a crayon recycling initiative. They collect old crayons from schools and other businesses then repurpose and reuse them.


We hope that you explore and enjoy trying out a sample from Effortless Art Crayons. Click here to order your FULL BOX.


Featured Product

Coffe & Coloring 

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All of our December 2016 ARTBOXES that we send out will include a special product.

We are featuring unique Coloring Sheets custom created by Coffee & Coloring.

Who doesn't love to color!

Coffee & Coloring is owned and operated by Erica Henry. 

Enjoy a free printable coloring sheet from Coffee & Coloring.

Use coupon code: rlbartbox2016

If you ordered our Dec. 2016 ARTBOX, "Ornamental Illustration", you can use the Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils on Coffee & Coloring's unique coloring sheets created just for RLB ARTBOX STUDIO.