How it All Started:

When RLB Art Box Studio CEO & Founder Rachel L Berlin was talking on the phone with a friend about the various monthly subscriptions that have recently sprung up, a BRILLIANT idea came to mind. Rachel asked her girlfriend if there was a monthly subscription for art. More specifically, she wondered, was there a monthly subscription that included an art project with all necessary supplies? As the conversation went on, Rachel became more curious about what was available. After researching online, it became apparent that art subscription products were very limited in their availability. Packaging together all of the pieces necessary to make and create a unique and modern art project was not offered. That is, until now.

So if you're reading this you must be intrigued. Well, Welcome to RLB ART BOX STUDIO!

Rachel envisioned a way for customers to easily and conveniently learn how to use art supplies and make a fun work of art. Going into a craft store to look for art supplies can be a very overwhelming task, but it is supposed to be FUN! Knowing how to use a plethora of art supplies is great, but the lack of inspiration to create can be frustrating. RLB Art Box Studio solves these problems. With a strong background and many years of experience as an artist, mentor, and an art educator, Rachel began the process of building RLB Art Box Studio with a lot of brainstorming!

What is RLB Art Box Studio?

RLB Art Box Studio is a monthly subscription designed for anyone ages 12+, with NO prior art experience necessary. its like an art studio class delivered to your door. Each month a different art project with different art supplies arrives to you. It is easy, fun and convenient. If you stay with us long enough, you will have a fully stocked Art Studio of your own! It is time to GET YOUR ART ON! For news, updates, sneak peeks, inspirations, subscriber reviews, and more follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Pinterest!