Common Questions

1. How do I sign up for RLB ARTBOX STUDIO?

RLB ARTBOX STUDIO offers many options for signing up. We have a Monthly Subscription, a Non-Subscription, Past ARTBOXES, plus Limited Edition Kids ARTBOXES.  You simply choose what works best for you and your desires. 

Our Monthly Subscription Service is recurring. You have the option of this recurring every month, every 3 months, every 6 months, or every 12 months. You will be billed on the day you signed up (your anniversary sign up date). You are able to cancel your subscription any time before your next billing date. Simply sign in and cancel. (To sign in you use the email address you used when you completed your purchase. An email was sent to you about creating/activating an account immediately after your purchase. You must activate your account before you can sign in.) Cancellations after that date result in the recurring charge and the delivery of the current month's box as the final delivery. We are not responsible for cancelling your subscription. 

Our Non-Subscription option is non recurring. You are only charged once. ARTBOX will arrive once. You have the option of choosing the Current ARTBOX offered or one of our PAST ARTBOXES. 

PAST ARTBOXES are non- recurring. You are only charged once. You may order as many as you would like. Our PAST ARTBOX options change periodically. When ordering PAST ARTBOXES allow 2-4 days for shipping and handling. 

Our Limited Edition Kids ARTBOXES are non recurring. You are only charged once. ARTBOX will arrive once. Please allow 2-4 days for shipping and handling.

2. When do I need to order by if I want to receive the current ARTBOX being offered?

Orders made on/before the 24th of the month will receive the current box which will be shipped out the last week of the month, orders made after that date will receive next month's box.

3. When will I receive my ARTBOX?

If you signed up for our monthly subscription or our current ARTBOX you will receive your ARTBOX the beginning of each month. We pack and ship out these ARTBOXES the last week of every month. 

If you are ordering from another country please allow additional time. 

4. What mail carrier is used? Will I be notified about my shipment?

We use the United States Postal Service (USPS) along with GOSHIPPO. You will be notified by GOSHIPPO and RLB ARTBOX STUDIO with a tracking number which you can monitor to see where your package is.

5. What if I provide the wrong address?

We cover shipping costs the first time around. If you provide us with the wrong address and we ship your ARTBOX out to that address, we will not reimburse you for the ARTBOX or cover shipping costs the second time around. Please be sure you provide us with the correct address. If you notice an error, contact us before we ship out your ARTBOX to prevent any shipping/address problems.