Rachel Berlin

Rachel L Berlin, Owner & Creator

Rachel created RLB ART BOX STUDIO with one goal in mind, to help others  GET THEIR ART ON!  As an art educator and instructor, Rachel feels that now more than ever people have a strong desire to tap into their sometimes-hidden inner artist. Pinterest and Painting Parties are proof that people want to create! Rachel explains, “Seeing someone create and complete a work of art they are proud of fills my hearts with happiness; I know how they feel because I too feel this way when I make art.” Noticing the desire and need for art making opportunities, Rachel has figured out a way to give to others the tools they need to create art at their own place and time. As an artist, Rachel is always pushing herself to learn and create in different ways, “I love a challenge and trying new things.” Her experience as an artist is critical in the creation of each RLB ART BOX STUDIO art project.  “I want people to experience what I have experienced, explore new things and have fun while making art!”  Rachel invites you to get your art on with RLB ART BOX STUDIO!

Some Fast Facts: It is nearly impossible to get Rachel  to stop playing in the dirt in her gardens. She was a competitive swimmer for many years and still has the lats and shoulders to prove it and her dressing room looks like a high end woman’s clothing store!

Ben Berlin

Benjamin D Berlin, CFO

Ben, who also happens to be Rachel's Husband, comes from a Business background which consisted of number crunching, Real Estate Investing, mentoring, along with a gamut of other things. As an Entrepreneur he brings to the table many skills necessary to bring RLB ART BOX STUDIO to you! Known by his friends for his high-intensity personality, Ben is always on the go and always pushing forward. Rumor has it he thinks Rachel is pretty great too :) In his free time, he loves fast cars, boating, skiing, bicycling, dirt bikes, kayaking, hiking, writing, working out, and all things business. Together, we look forward to helping you find your passion for Art! The time has come to GET YOUR ART ON!

Some Fast Facts: Sometimes Rachel thinks Ben is manic. Ben pushes himself to the point of being physically over trained most of the time and he regularly shows up to Real Estate closings unshaven, in shorts, flip-flops and sun-beached, shoulder-length hair!

Vanessa Anderson

Vanessa Anderson, Marketing Director

Vanessa has always looked for new ways to entertain others and bring out their creative side. When Rachel Berlin, CEO and Sister of Vanessa, came up with the brilliant idea of RLB ART BOX STUDIO Vanessa was on board! With a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and an Associates Degree in Marketing/Management this was the perfect opportunity to work alongside the rest of the team, build something awesome and tap into each artists inner creativity. Being a recently new Pennsylvanian, Vanessa has been able to work alongside Rachel and work on her inner artist during the process of getting RLB ART BOX STUDIO up and running. So to all you RLB Art Box Artists let us help you GET YOUR ART ON!!!

Some Fast Facts: Vanessa and Rachel have always been great performers. They were famous for working all day and night to prepare a skit or a dance routine for family and friends then make them pay at least a $1.00 for a ticket.

Logan Craig

Logan Craig, Website Manager

Logan is a multi-talented individual who stems from the countryside of Butler, Pennsylvania. He is a Graphic Design Graduate of Edinboro University and Erie has been his home for almost two years. Logan is a driven individual that made the perfect fit for the RLB ARTBOX Studio Team. With his well rounded personality and drive for creativity, RLB ARTBOX was happy to pick him up as Designer, Photographer and Website Manager.  Logan also works with local businesses throughout Erie with one notable being the Erie Brewing Company. Go ahead, check out his work. Welcome to the team Logan!

Some Fast Facts: “Not a lot of people know this but I am sort of a secret gear-head. I have restored my motorcycle which is a 1975 Honda CB125S, multiple vintage bicycles, and enjoy doing all repairs on my current vehicle. With me being a very hands on person I also play the drums and guitar in two bands from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.”