What's in a BOX?

What comes in an ARTBOX art kit? EVERYTHING!


 That’s right, EVERYTHING is included in an ARTBOX art kit. What exactly does that mean? Well, part of our mission at RLB ARTBOX Studio is to include everything one may need to make our featured art project. Let us explain a little more.


Our most recent ARTBOX art kit is our May subscription. For our May art project, “Dots Galore” we tried to think of everything, all supplies and tools a person would need to make this art project. We include water cups, storage containers, paper towels, surface protectors, along with all the other art supplies you need to make the art project. Each art project kit contains enough supplies to make the project more than one time and the art supplies are re-usable, and shareable.


Once your ARTBOX arrives pull up a chair, open up your box, and start creating. We want your ARTBOX experience to be fun, convenient, and inspire you.

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