One of the best things about owning RLB ARTBOX Studio is exploring new art supplies, techniques, and artists.  Since each ARTBOX project is created by me, Rachel, I get to test out new stuff in the studio all the time, which I love doing.  Making art is my therapy. I get told all the time, “It must be hard thinking of a different art project every month.” One might think that, but it’s hard to narrow it down to just one project a month, I have so many art projects I want to share and teach others how to create. Honestly, teaching others about art is my passion. I have spent the last 10 years teaching art publicly and privately, and now I get to teach people all over the world about Art!
This month I explored some new supplies and techniques for the June ARTBOX. Inside of the June ARTBOX our subscribers will find Tim Holtz Distress Stain, created by Ranger Ink. This stuff is really awesome. It comes in many colors and acts almost like watercolor paint and has a felt pad applicator. It is described as a fluid pigment for papers and porous surfaces.  For the June art project, “3-D Distressed Lotus Flower”, you use the Distress Stain and apply it to strips of watercolor paper. Once the pigment is applied, a light mist of water is added to create a mottled, distressed appearance. This is when the magic happens! Once the watercolor paper gets misted, the stain has a reaction with the water and each area looks different. 
The Distress Stain can also be used for so many other creative productions and you only use about ¼ of the entire bottle for this art project.  If you are curious about creating your own “3-D Distressed Lotus Flower” check out the How-To video that accompanies the ARTBOX project.
For other ideas on how to use Tim Holtz Distressed Stains click the link below.


Distressed Flower RLB ArtboxDistressed Flower