Exploring Watercolor-A unique art medium

Recently I've been intrigued by and dedicated to learning about watercolor paints. Of course going to art school and being an art teacher for years I have used watercolors in the past but on a basic level which still produces some amazing artwork. 

Watercolor paint is a unique medium. It has a mind of it's own which allows the artist to be more creative and it challenges us to work with what it has done. 

This months ARTBOX consists of watercolor paint in a tube. Why is this preferred over a watercolor palette? The tubes of paint allow the user to create/mix their own colors. The paint lasts much longer and the pigments tend to be higher quality. 

After experimenting with the paints and practicing many watercolor paintings we released the August ARTBOX project "Looking Sharp" to the public. 

Being so intrigued by this medium I had to make more art using watercolor paint. I worked on a giraffe painting using the same paints from the August ARTBOX and love how the finished piece turned out.

The Process...

Sketch with Pencil

Mix Paints

Wet Wash

Layer after layer after layer of color (let each layer dry)

Fine Tip Sharpie Maker

Matte & Frame

What else will you make with your watercolor paints?

My hope and our mission is for our ARTBOXERS to become inspired by the monthly projects we put out and continue to explore their creativity with the art supplies  included in each box we ship out. 

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~Rachel L Berlin