Coffee & ARTBOX

What does Coffee & ARTBOX have in common?


Coffee is one of the most delicious beverages on earth and ARTBOX is one of the best art subscriptions on the market. So what do these two have in common?


We recently sent an ARTBOX out for review. For us, we send ARTBOXES to different Subscription Box Review companies for a full review.  A random person within the review company tries out one of the ARTBOXES and writes about their experience or creates a video then shares the results.


Our most recent review comes from SUBAHOLIC and we were delighted to hear about their ARTBOX experience.


The short and sweet version of the review is that one of the reviewers met a friend at Barnes and Noble where they enjoyed coffee, catching up, discussing work and creating the ARTBOX project. Since each ARTBOX contains enough supplies do the project at least two times, both were able to work on and create their own project.


We were thrilled to hear that both individuals were able to complete the entire ARTBOX, “Birch Trees” without any other needed supplies all while enjoying coffee at a shop.


Our Mission of RECEIVE-OPEN-CREATE was achieved.


Since we were so intrigued by this experience we have decided to test it out ourselves. Soooo, this week we will be heading to some local coffee shops EMBER & FORGE, COFFEE IN THE PARK, and the ever popular STARBUCKS and putting the ARTBOX & COFFEE experience to the test.


We invite you all to do the same and tell us how it goes.


Happy Arting!!!