Changes to ARTBOX

Changes were a brewin and are here to stay. In July, we launched a new website which provides our customers with a true subscription service.

"Change is important in business as it enables a company to meet the dynamic needs of its customers and create growth opportunities."

What exactly does this mean?

Previously when you ordered your ARTBOX subscription you had to remember to re-order when your subscription was fully filled by the 18th of each month. Now once you sign up you don’t have to keep track of when your subscription ends. We do that for you. All of our subscription plans are reoccurring. That means you are automatically re-enrolled. We know how busy each of us are and this ensures that you wont miss out on the next ARTBOX project. If you wish to cancel your subscription, all you have to do is log into your account and cancel, easy-peasy!

**If you purchased ARTBOX before July 2016 then this does not apply to your subscription.**

Sometimes you may only wish to do a one -time purchase, you might want to do this as a gift or just to see what ARTBOX is all about. We have you covered. We have 5 different ARTBOXES from previous months that can be purchased with no re-occurring charge. You can purchase as many as you would like.