Art Subscriptions-How Are We Different?

Today there is a subscription service for everyone and they contain just about anything your hearts desire. BirchBox, Dollar Shave Club, BarkBox, & Hello Fresh are all subscription boxes that most people are familiar with and were created to solve a problem for their customer.

When we started RLB ARTBOX Studio we wanted to create a box for those yearning to get creative and wanted our product to be convenient. With so many subscription services out on the market we feel it’s necessary to describe how we are different from other art subscriptions.

 After researching the many art subscriptions (Art Snacks, Smart Art Box, SketchBox, Indigo artbox, Cratejoy, SmileCreateRepeat, Scrawlrbox, Pigment & Palette) here is how we differ from the rest.

RLB ARTBOX Studio was created for all individuals ages 12+ with no prior art experience. Some of the other art subscriptions on the market are designed for more experienced ARTISTS.

 RLB ARTBOX Studio contains a different art project along with all the supplies to make the featured project. The supplies included can be used well beyond finishing the featured art project thus helping you build up your own art studio. We combine art supplies and tools in our ARTBOXES. When we say everything is included in your ARTBOX we mean everything. Many art subscriptions give you supplies and suggest how to use the supplies but you are still responsible for purchasing more materials to use the art supplies included in your art subscription box. Here is an example…

 "You purchase an art box that just includes supplies and a suggestion card. You are dying to try out the supplies but don’t have the proper creative surface. So you have to take the time to purchase more supplies at an art/craft store, which can really add up in cost. Have you ever looked at all the different papers and surfaces? It can be overwhelming if you haven’t been taught what to use with what."

RLB ARTBOX Studio includes easy-to follow directions that come in three forms. 1. Written 2. Visual and 3. Video. Most subscriptions contain some sort of reference or direction card but not all contain a how-to video.

 RLB ARTBOX Studio costs $25.00 when paid month by month. When our customers sign up for longer they save more money. Art Subscriptions range from $10.00-$50.00+ a month. If you follow us we offer sales and special promotional deals for our loyal followers.

The art subscriptions that include art projects are mostly based on historical works of art and time periods, think Monet, Picasso, Degas, Impressionism, Dada.

RLB ARTBOX Studio has created art projects based on time periods and the old masters but is also inspired by modern day works of art and techniques. We are constantly exploring new mediums, supplies, artists, and places so we can provide our customers with some amazing creative opportunities.

 The last big difference that we have noticed is that most of the art project subscriptions only offer 2 dimensional works of art, which means the art projects are flat. We like to offer 2 dimensional (2-D) and 3 dimensional (3-D) works of art. Some of the 3-D art projects that we have offered have been “Clay Coiled Vessel”, “String Heart”, “Reflections of Line”, “Wire Tree Sculpture”, and most recently “3-D Sugar Skulls”, our November ARTBOX.

Coiled Clay Vessel String Heart Reflections of Line  

With so many subscription options out there, be sure that when you are searching for your new subscription you fully understand what the mission is, what is included, and who the box is intended for.

We hope that you will “tap into your creative side” with RLB ARTBOX Studio and Get Your Art On!!!